Slide through the complete PV Value Chain
Slide through the complete PV Value Chain
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What is the PV Matrix?

The PV Matrix illustrates and links the complete PV value chain by separating solar technology into five main segments:

  1. Silicon
  2. Thin-Film
  3. Organic
  4. Installation and power generation
  5. Research and development (R&D)

Each segment expands to show categories within that technology, or feild, and simplifies the process of finding specific information and identifying key suppliers.

What are the benefits?

Enhance sales opportunities & leads

PV producers, project developers, investors and other organisations are able to access the PV Matrix, which is designed to provide clear decriptions of technology and processes and in-depth information on suppliers and equipment.

Increase your company's profile & exposure

Whether your company is an established PV industry player, or is targeting PV as a new market, the PV Matrix is an effective real-time global platform for promoting your business.

Identify key suppliers

Potential new supply chain partners at your fingertips: search companies by different processing steps, or components, in each type of PV technology.

Improve your network

With over 80 international PV industry suppliers listed, and growing, the PV Matrix can help you expand your firm's network and enable you to work and interact with other companies.

In-depth resource

Access the latest data and information on PV industry suppliers, including company overviews, in-depth product information supported by images, videos, data sheets, white papers, brochures and more, online and anywhere.

How can we be listed?

Become a registered member of IPVEA today and as part of your membership benefits you will be set up with an account that enables you to add your organisation to the PV Matrix.

Otherwise, simply complete our registration form and a PV Matrix specialist will contact you within hours with more information.

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Whether an investor, developer, or supplier the opportunities afforded by solar are endless.

Be a part of it. PVMatrix

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